Leadership style and team climate

    Leadership style and team climate

    Leadership style and team climate Rura Family Equity

    Business success depends on many internal and external variables. Especially with regard to the internal variables, it seems even more astonishing that one focuses regularly on factual/hard topics in everyday business, when soft factors such as leadership style and team climate have a decisive influence on the success of a company. However, before it is possible to work on these success factors, it is important to assess their status and characteristics.

    Thus, clients asked us, if there was an assessment on leadership style and team climate, which includes a survey with a modern, digital tool and can provide a scientifically sound result at manageable costs. At the beginning of the year, we were unable to offer our clients a satisfactory answer. After some research, however, we came across the XLNC methodology: https://www.xlnc-leadership.com/en/instrumente/ Important: There is no right or wrong management style, but only a situation-adapted or unadapted leadership behavior!

    Since the end of October, citadelle digital has expanded its consulting portfolio and is now able to provide XLNC assessments as a certified coach, offering comprehensive insight into management styles and team climate within a short time frame. The whole thing works digitally and thus removes hurdles for executives and employees in using the tools. Building on this assessment, after a mutual feedback discussion, an action plan will be developed that can lead to both executive coaching or a whole executive development program. citadelle digital accompanies comprehensively and intensively in order to seize the internal potential for increasing the company's success.

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