Of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals....

    Of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals....

    Of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals.... Rura Family Equity

    Every manager, and especially the entrepreneur at the head of his organization, combines several fields of tasks in him-/herself. The role of the specialist, the manager and the entrepreneur. As a specialist (S) one works on topics by oneself. As a manager (M) you control and supervise the work of your team; whereas the entrepreneur (E) works strategically, visionary at the enterprise.

    It is hard to see yourself in these three roles. There is always one role that appeals more than others. Nevertheless, it is important to fulfill all three functions and to give the E sufficient time as an entrepreneur. However, this is usually not happening enough.

    A simple exercise provides information about one's own behavior:

    1. Record the day's activities at approximate times.
    2. Qualify the activities according to S / M / E.
    3. Determine the percentage distribution over the day per area.

    From personal coaching experience with executives and entrepreneurs, the time for E-activities is always too few. In particular, founders are still very much trapped in S-tasks. Who could not do the job better than the founder him--/herself? Each coaching therefore first makes clear how much time you assign to which function in order to achieve the best result not only for the company but also for yourself. Defining and delegating tasks clearly is an actual "hygiene factor" and contributes to the well-being (also of the company).

    If you are also unsure if you use your time in the best possible way, feel free to contact us!